What Are The Main Advantages Of Tool Hire?

Hiring tools is a great way to get the kit you need without spending a fortune, whether doing DIY at home or working on a trade project on site. From diggers and dumpers to cement mixers and concrete breakers, a wide range of equipment is available to rent when you don’t have the budget to buy, or only need a tool for a short period of time. Read on to explore more of the main advantages of tool hire.

1. Hiring tools is cost-effective

Tools can be expensive to buy, so tool hire offers a more affordable alternative that is great for those on a budget or when you only need a tool temporarily. Instead of investing in equipment that you might not use that often, tool rental saves money as you only pay for the usage you need. Plus, because you won’t have to worry about repairs, there will be none of the unexpected maintenance costs that you could be hit with after buying an expensive piece of kit.

2. Rental equipment will be high quality

Tool hire companies offer reliable, high quality equipment that is regularly checked and serviced. Because running a successful hire business depends on delivering tools that won’t let customers down, rental firms tend to only buy equipment from leading brand names, and will ensure that their product range is regularly updated with the latest models.

3. Renting reduces the risk of theft

High-value equipment can be a target for thieves, especially when kept on-site or outside of a property. If you buy tools, you need to find somewhere secure to store them, and may also need to pay for additional insurance in case of a burglary. However, when you hire tools, the equipment is only on-site when needed, reducing the amount of time that it needs to be stored and cutting the risk of theft.

4. Maintenance and repairs taken care of

Over time, heavy use can cause tools to show signs of wear and tear or develop costly damage. Tool hire companies take maintenance and repairs seriously, as they understand their customers only want to hire safe, reliable equipment that can get the job done. Renting instead of buying tools helps you avoid any repair costs and also means you can feel confident that the equipment you are using is safe and well maintained.

5. Hire kit for as long as you need

Sometimes you need a tool for a few hours, or sometimes for a week. And sometimes your schedule might change or unexpected delays occur. You can hire tools on a short or long-term basis, and many companies offer flexible hire periods which allow customers to change their plans if necessary. However long you need a tool for, once the job is done, simply return it to the tool hire company, with no need to worry about where to store it or its resale value.

6. Delivered directly to you

Some equipment can be tricky to transport, especially if you are planning a DIY project and don’t have access to a van or larger vehicle. That’s why many tool rental firms provide local delivery. Look for a company who can deliver tools direct to your home or site – the simplest and safest way to get the equipment you need, when you need it.

C&R Tool Hire delivers tools across North London, Enfield, Edmonton, Barnet, South Herts and the local area. So if you are planning a project nearby and need to hire an essential bit of kit, contact us or visit our Enfield store. 

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