The Different Types of Tool to Hire

At C&R Tool Hire, we know the importance of having the right tool for the job. That’s why we have a comprehensive range of tools available to hire at affordable prices – so you can get the job done properly and without spending a fortune. To find out more about the tools you can hire from us and their uses, read on.

Cement mixers

If your home improvement work, landscaping job or professional project requires cement, then you need a cement mixer. When you have a large amount of cement to mix, hiring a cement mixer is less labour intensive than mixing by hand – saving you a few aching muscles.

Access towers

When working at height, an access tower can help you tackle hard-to-reach areas safely and without the risk of falling. Safer to use for long periods than a ladder, access towers are designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble.


From garden landscaping to laying the foundations for an extension, there are lots of uses for a digger. Hiring a digger will save you the time, hassle and physical exertion of digging by hand. Diggers are available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of tasks.


A dumper makes it easier to move earth and other materials when excavating or clearing a site. Dumpers come in a variety of sizes and capacities, including mini dumpers which are ideal for DIY work and easy to manoeuver around the average garden.

Floor sanders

A floor sander is essential when restoring wooden flooring and takes the hard work out of preparing a floor for varnishing or staining. If your property features old wooden flooring that’s showing signs of wear and tear, a floor sander is the tool you need to give your floors a new lease of life.


Garden and landscaping projects often require a rotavator where soil needs breaking up and aerating before planting or laying turf. A rotavator is another great time-saving tool that can help you avoid hours of manual labour.

Concrete breakers

As the name suggests, concrete breakers can be used to break up concrete, as well as asphalt and brick, making way for a new development, extension or landscaping update. They are commonly used during road works too.


Portable heaters offer a quick and easy way to keep warm when you need a temporary heating solution at home or on site. Choose from electric or gas heaters to maintain a comfortable temperature whatever the weather.


Hiring a dehumidifier is an effective way to tackle damp and remove moisture from a room. A choice of sizes means you can find a dehumidifier with the right capacity for your specific space.

Vibrating plates

A vibrating plate is used to compact hardcore, sand and gravel when working on patios, driveways or road repairs. These range from lightweight models for DIY work to heavy duty machines for building sites.

To find out more about hiring any of these tools from C&R Tool Hire, or for a free quote, get in touch today.

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